Sweet Simplicity: Recipe For Slow Cooker Banana Bread

For a delightful yet light evening snack, people often try to find what will be a great option, so banana bread is an excellent option for them. Making banana bread in a slow cooker is simple and doesn’t take much time to prepare. So, making a soft and delicious cake from scratch will be fun. 
Slow cooker fruit cake recipes in the UK are in great demand, and people signed up to cook a slow cooker. Not only those who have tried banana bread before can’t resist the urge to make something like that once they notice ripe bananas in their fridge. That’s why I’ve already posted some other banana bread recipes like Dairy-Free Banana Bread, Protein banana bread, and many other interesting recipes. 

So if you are planning to make this American banana bread for the first time but are a bit concerned about the time limit, then you should know that the preparation time of this recipe is only 20 minutes. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to cook using the slow cooker. By following the ingredients and the measurements mentioned in this recipe, it yields around 8. Also, if you are concerned about calories, this dessert contains 324 calories; if you are health-conscious, it can be a bit high. 


 Making a perfect slow cooker banana cake is easy, but for them, few necessary dry and wet ingredients are required,
Banana: 3 to 4 ripe bananas with brown skin patches. Peel off their skin and mash them properly. 
Sugar: 150g to 200g Caster sugar is the best option for this recipe as the powdered sugar will have a grainy effect on the banana cake. Or if anyone wants, they can use soft brown sugar.
White flour: 200g of all-purpose flour is fine; cake flour is not required.
Baking powder: 2 teaspoons to add additional rise to the cake. 
Cinnamon: 2 to 3 teaspoons for flavoring
Oil or Butter: ½ cup of vegetable oil or 100ml of unsalted butter based on preference
Eggs: 3 large beaten eggs to make the cake soft 
Vanilla Extract: 1 teaspoon for flavoring 
Buttermilk: ½ cup buttermilk. Also, people can use water, but buttermilk is better. 
Salt: to enhance the sweetening a pinch of salt.
Dry fruits: walnuts, almost (optional)

Making the Perfect Banana Bread 

First, gather all the ingredients required, and then by following the cooking steps, it’s simple to make a slow cooker banana cake that everyone loves, so,

Assembling the Dry Ingredients

Take a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients first, then sieve all the dry ingredients like flour, castor sugar or soft brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Mixture that all the ingredients are mixed properly and not stored in one corner.

Using the Wet Ingredients

Then add the mashed banana, oil or softener butter, beaten eggs, buttermilk, and Vanilla extract over the dry ingredients. And for the buttermilk, use little by little so that the consistency of the batter doesn’t get too liquid. 

Mildly combine all the Ingredients

Stir the ingredients thoroughly with a spatula, but don’t over-mix it using an electric blender. While stirring, if you want, you can add broken, dry fruit crumbs.

Making sure the break won’t stick to the cooker 

After that, prepare the slow cooker by spraying cooking oil and adding parchment paper at the bottom and side of the cooking pot. If anyone has a slow cooker liner, it will also work.

Transferring the Batter

When you are satisfied with the Banana bread batter consistency, transfer the banana bread batter from the bowl to the slow cooker.

Cooking is all about timing 

Cook on high mode for 2 to 2 1⁄2 hours; after that, insert a wooden toothpick or skewer in the middle of the Banana bread; the cooking is done, if it’s comes out clean. And if it’s still not fully cooked, bake it for another 15-20 minutes and leave it until it’s at room temperature.

Art of serving

Remove the parchment paper carefully and serve the banana bread to everyone. Add Greek yogurt, softened cream cheese, or ice cream as a side dish for slow cooker banana cake to make things interesting.

Why Choose a Slow Cooking Method?

 Slow cooking is one of the preferred cooking methods used and loved by people. Through slow cooking, there are many types of recipes and dishes people can make and try. The slow cooking method maintains the moisture in the dishes by using low heat and minimal liquid. 
So if anyone is trying to avoid excessive oil in meals, slow cooking is the perfect way. It allows dishes like chicken, soup, cake, etc., to be cooked perfectly without making the dish dry. 
As the dish takes time and slowly cooks under the cooker’s heat, the flavor and spices get bound with the dish making it more delicious. 

Tips for Perfect Slow Cooker Banana Bread Recipe

 Trying out interesting recipes by using a slow cooker is interesting. But to ensure that the recipe turns out exactly how you wanted, it’s important and useful to know the tips to cook a perfect dish, especially banana bread. 

Preheat the cooker 

Similar to the microwave in the slow cooker, it’s important to have a hot environment for the cake batter to start cooking immediately. This way, the heat stabilizes the cooker quality and helps to avoid uneven or undercooked cake. 

Avoid extra Moisture

While making the best of the Banana bread, ensure it’s not too liquidy. Having a proper ratio of buttermilk is important, but oil is the ingredient that will provide the required moisture. So, using extra buttermilk doesn’t make any sense. Also, as the slow cooker is perfectly sealed, the water won’t evaporate, and if the extra moisture keeps trapping on the banana bread, it won’t get cooked properly or will have an uneven texture. 

Low setting

If you use a slow cooker for the first time to make banana bread, then it will be better to avoid the high range for cooking directly. For a few minutes, keep the slow cooker in a low setting, and once you are confident enough with the cooking methods, you can increase the heat setting to high. 

Don’t open the Lid

While cooking, many people get insecure and concerned about how the cake will turn out and how to have a peek. Then, opening the lid releases the heat from the cooker and increases the cooking time.


Cooking banana bread using a slow cooker is pretty simple. It might look confusing for beginners; however, it’s unstoppable once you start making banana bread in a slow cooker. Banana breads are a nice evening snack that is easy to make if required; people can freeze the banana bread for days.

So, if you are excited about making banana bread in a slow cooker, don’t hold back; just go for it. Now and then, having some evening dessert won’t harm anyone.