Nutella Banana Bread Recipe: A Sweet Twist on a Classic

Getting bored with eating monotonous dishes every day? How about trying a savory and decadent Nutella dish this weekend? Do you know, that the Nutella banana bread recipe yields you the most fluffy, moist, and spongy banana bread with the appetizing taste of Nutella? Give a bite of this bread and you will feel like you’re in paradise.

Though we have previously shared with you many banana bread recipes (for example, the Protein banana bread recipe, Oat banana bread recipe, Vegan banana bread recipe, Mary Berry’s banana bread recipe, etc), banana and Nutella bread stand apart from all of them as its an extraordinary way to satisfy your gastronomical appetite. Whether you need to get a yummy and toothsome idea for your morning breakfast, evening feast, or sweet treat, the banana bread Nutella recipe is a great option. It’s easy to make and is perfect for both beginners and expert cooks. Interested in getting the complete info about this recipe? Then, here we go…

Nutella Banana Bread Recipe – What Ingredients Do You Need? 

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To make a Nutella and banana loaf (8.8 inches – 9 inches / regular size), you should use a loaf pan measuring 9*5 inches for baking. Typically, the loaf yields around nine to twelve slices. Slicing the loaf thinly will result in more slices of bread. The preparation time for this dish is approximately twenty minutes before baking. The necessary ingredients for making banana and Nutella bread are as follows. –

  • Two small eggs or one large egg.
  • Slightly more than half a cup of refined oil or melted butter (without salt). 
  • baking soda (for baking purposes) teaspoon.
  • Three regular-size (one and a half cups) crushed bananas (ripe).
  • ​​​​​​Vanilla extract (to add before baking) – one teaspoonful.
  • A very small quantity of salt (approximately one pinch).
  • granulated sugar for sweetening purposes – half cup.
  • Multipurpose flour for making the dough (to prepare bread loaf) – one and a half cups.
  • Nutella (chocolaty hazelnut flavor) – half cup.

Banana And Nutella Bread Preparation Technique (Step By Step): 

Warm Your Oven Up:

Set your oven temperature at 175 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit and heat it in advance. Now, take a loaf pan of regular size and apply oil or unsalted butter all over its surface. 

Smoothen The Bananas:

Take three pieces of regular-sized bananas within a bowl and crush them all using a spoon/potato masher/fork. Keep doing it until the bananas turn into a paste and become smooth. 

​​​​​​Create A Mixture: 

Pour the remaining saltless melted butter into the smoothened bananas in the bowl. Also, pour the granulated sugar, vanilla extract, egg whites, and yolks into the same and mix them well. 

Pour Dry Ingredients Into The Mixture:

Take another bowl and pour the said amount of flour and salt into it. Now, add the baking soda to it and stir all of them well. After you’re done, incorporate this dry mixture into the mixture of ripe mashed bananas and eggs that is in another bowl. Keep stirring and mixing until all the lumps are gone and the batter turns smooth. 

Spread Nutella Over The Mixture And Create The Final Batter:

Now, take the required amount of Nutella in a microwave bowl and warm it for some time in your microwave oven. As the Nutella gets warm, take the Nutella in a tablespoon and incorporate it into the mashed banana plus flour batter. Pour the Nutella in a swirled pattern so that the effect of a swirled ribbon or that of a marble is created. 

Take A Pan And Pour The Mixture In It:

Spread the final batter containing the Nutella swirls on the loaf pan in a balanced manner so that the batter remains everywhere within the pan evenly. 

Now, it’s time to cook! The baking or cooking of the banana and Nutella bread may take anywhere between sixty to sixty-five minutes if the temperature is set at 175 degrees Celsius. Keep checking it with a toothpick in the middle while the cooking is in process to check out the status of the baking. If you find that the tooth is untidy with batter after dipping it, the bread is not yet ready. When you find that the toothpick is tidy except for small bread particles surrounding it, then you can be sure that the outcome of your Nutella banana bread recipe is ready. 

​​​​​​Nutella And Banana Loaf Cooking Technique:

Bake The Final Batter:

Once your oven gets preheated at the said temperature, proceed to bake the final batter by putting the loaf pan containing the batter inside it. Wait for approximately sixty minutes and keep doing the toothpick test in between. Once, you get the result positive and your baking is done, take out the baked Nutella and banana loaf immediately so that it doesn’t get overheated. 

Cool It:

Cool down the loaf pan along with the banana and Nutella bread. It will take somewhere between ten minutes to fifteen minutes for the dish to cool down. Once it gets somewhat cool, place the loaf on a wired rack so that it cools down quickly and completely. 

Cut The Loaf Into Slices:

Now, take a knife and make thick or thin slices of the loaf, according to your wish. 

Decorate And Serve The Slices:

​Transfer the slices of the Nutella banana bread recipe to a plate and decorate it with some more Nutella to make the taste even better. 

Serve the delectable chocolaty dish to your close ones with confidence. We bet the dish will be a hot favorite among your family and friends. Yes, the dish is packed with many calories (ranging between 200 to 250 calories per ten slices, approx) but the taste it gives is just irresistible to hold. After all, it’s not a crime to have some cheat diet that is healthy too occasionally to satisfy your inner foodaholic cravings, isn’t it?


1. How do you preserve banana bread?

To preserve your Nutella banana bread, pursue the following tips-

  • Don’t keep the banana bread hot. Always cool it completely by placing it upon a wired rack before you proceed it to preserve. 
  • Don’t wrap your banana bread loosely after cooling it. Ensure tight packaging of the same within an aluminum foil to prevent direct exposure of the bread to the air. 
  • To keep the bread fresh, put the wrapped banana bread further within a sealed polythene. 
  • Keep the wrapped-up package inside your fridge. 
  • Don’t heat the banana bread in your microwave oven once you refrigerate it. Before consuming the same, put it outside of your fridge, bring it to room temperature, and then eat it.

​​​​​​2. How long will banana bread last?

When kept at room temperature with tight packaging, Nutella banana bread will last for approximately two or three days. However, the same bread will stay fresh for a week if refrigerated and up to three months, if kept frozen. 

3. Why is my banana bread so dry? 

Your banana bread may get dry due to several reasons-

  • If it is not packed or sealed tightly.
  • If you overmix the batter during its preparation.
  • If you overbake it in your microwave oven.
  • If you use less number of bananas while preparing the batter.
  • If the dry and wet components with which your batter was made are not in the required ratios or measurements.
  • If you use less quantity of butter to prepare it.
  • If your location’s altitude and humidity levels are not appropriate. 

4. Can you reheat banana bread?

Yes, you can definitely reheat your Nutella banana bread before eating it. You can reheat it in your oven, microwave oven, or toaster. For reheating it in the oven, heat your oven in advance at 160 degrees Celsius and put the bread to heat with aluminum foil wrapped. Reheat it for ten or fifteen minutes and then switch off the oven. While reheating the bread in a microwave, you need to place the bread there for ten or fifteen minutes as well. In a toaster, reheat the bread to the warmth that you need. 

5. How can I quickly ripen bananas for banana bread?

You can quickly ripen bananas by putting them in a paper bag that is brown in color and closing the uppermost part of the bag. Also, you can ripen bananas by unpeeling them and putting them in a preheated oven wrapped in a baking sheet for twenty minutes. If you have a microwave oven instead of an oven, put the bananas (by cutting their peels slightly) within your microwave oven for not more than thirty seconds. In case, you have a time of 2 or 3 days, and you want to ripen your bananas without any hurry, you can keep the unripe bananas along with ripened vegetables and fruits and the bananas will get ripened automatically. 


Dying to taste the Nutella banana bread recipe on the spot? Waste your time no more and make this American cuisine-influenced dish quickly at your home. Be inspired with the Italian hazelnut Chocolate spread and festoon the dish with luscious Nutella. Congrats! Your scrumptious and indulgent treat is ready! With this cuisine, you will experience the magic of rich and luxurious hazelnut chocolate and sweet banana bread in every bite. Did you find this cuisine palatable? Then don’t forget to try out some other Nutella banana bread types like – 

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  • Walnut-rich nutella banana bread.
  • Traditional nutella banana bread with chocolaty swirls
  • Nutella banana muffins.
  • Nutty and crunchy Nutella walnut banana bread. 
  • Vegan-friendly nutella banana bread.
  • Nutella banana bread without gluten. 

Hey, taste them all, and don’t forget to let us know about your experiences. We will always be more than happy to present the recipes of such flavorsome dishes to you. Bye for now!